La Figaro 339


High Performance Dual Mono OTL Headphone Amplifier

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The La Figaro 339 is a high performance dual mono singled-ended output transformerless (OTL) headphone tube amplifier that uses the 6AS7 family power tube and comes with your choice of input tube.

What does all of that even mean?
Output transformerless is an amplifier design topology where no transformers exist in the output stage. Transformers can be a source of distortion.  Eliminating them from the output stage allows for better clarity and higher sound quality.  Dual mono refers to an amplifier that has the left and right channel independently built in parallel.  That means, two power sources (requiring two power cables), two sets of power and input tubes, two volume control knobs.   Singled-ended means this is not a balanced amplifier and is meant to be used with single-ended headphones.

Why would I want two volume knobs?
A lot of reasons actually.  Sometimes people don’t have equal hearing capabilities between their left and right ears. Some musical recordings can have channel imbalance problems.  Sometimes your left and right vacuum tubes may have variations.

How do I know which input tube to choose?
The 6J4P, 6SJ7, 5693, 6Ж4С version is brighter
The 6C5, 6J5, 6J5G, 6J5GT, L63 version is warmer

Since this is an OTL amplifier, can it only be used with high impedance headphones?
It’s been well documented that the La Figaro 339 can be an excellent match for lower impedance headphones such as the HiFiMan HE-500’s.  Check the head-fi thread (link below) for opinions/reviews on headphone pairings.


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Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 37 x 26 x 14 cm


Input Tube

6J4P / 6SJ7 / 5693 / 6Ж4С (+ all equivalents), 6C5 / 6J5 / 6J5G / 6J5GT / L63 (+ all equivalents)




25-600 ohms

Frequency Response

10Hz-30kHz +/-1dB