Frequently Asked Questions

Why have your prices increased?

Unfortunately, the cost of our materials have increased and so we’ve had to increase our prices.  Our new website was created internally with free English translation from a generous community member. When you buy from the website you’re still buying direct from us and not a reseller.

Can you build a custom amplifier?

Feel free to contact us directly for custom amplifier builds as we often do them. At this time we cannot do any custom work that would require modification of the chassis panels (additional inputs, outputs, etc). However we can do custom work with high grade components. For example:

cust1 cust3 cust4 cust5

My amplifier is getting really hot, is that normal?

Yes.  It’s normal for vacuum tube amplifiers to get hot. You should operate with care and keep children and pets away.

What is your warranty policy?

The warranty period is ONE YEAR. During that time frame we will assist in troubleshooting potential problems and then send any necessary replacement parts. If the user is unable to repair the machine by way of their own resources, they can send a faulty machine back and we will replace it with a new one. The customer will be responsible for the return shipment cost.